Zuiderzee Museum Trip

Book your tickets for the Zuiderzee Museum Trip and find out what life around the former Zuiderzee used to be like. Meet the inhabitants of Urk, visit the steam laundry, the cheese warehouse or watch the blacksmith at work. Minimum tour duration is 4 hours 1 to 4 persons €230,- 5 to 7 persons €250,- […]

Beemster Unesco Tour

Visit the Beemster Polder in this most unique tour! Dating from the early 17th century, the Beemster Polder is an exceptional example of reclaimed land in the Netherlands and a Unesco World Heritage. It has preserved intact its well-ordered landscape of fields, roads, canals, dykes and settlements, laid out in accordance with classical and Renaissance […]

Kröller-Müller Museum – St. Hubertuspark Hoge Veluwe Tour

Take this tour and visit the Kröller-Müller Museum, St. Hubertuspark Hoge Veluwe. Optional visits: Paleis “Het Loo” Apeldoorn Dutch Open Air Museum Arnhem Airborne Museum Arnhem (Operation Market-Garden)   Minimum tour duration is 6 hours 1 to 4 persons €340,- 5 to 7 persons €370,- Day price (8 hours) 1 to 4 persons €450,- 5 […]

Giethoorn via Elburg Tour

This tour highlights the beauty of Giethoorn and Elburg in one big day trip of 8 hours. Giethoorn is a wonderful place, typical Dutch and known as the Venice of the Netherlands. The list of monuments and historic buildings of the old centre of the Hanseatic town of Elburg is impressive and it’s surrounded by […]

Holland Tour Day Trip with driver guide!

Visit the most beautiful places in Holland in one spectacular all-in-one day trip. Visit places like: • Den Haag (Peace Palace, Int. Court of Justice, Houses of parlement) • Scheveningen (Beach, raw fish, Kurhaus) • Delft (Pottery, Mausoleum William of Orange) • Kinderdijk (Windmills) • Gouda (Cheese market) • Edam (Cheese market) • Alkmaar (Cheese […]