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Holland Tour Day Trip with driver guide!

Visit the most beautiful places in Holland in one spectacular all-in-one day trip.

Visit places like:
• Den Haag (Peace Palace, Int. Court of Justice, Houses of parlement)
• Scheveningen (Beach, raw fish, Kurhaus)
• Delft (Pottery, Mausoleum William of Orange)
• Kinderdijk (Windmills)
• Gouda (Cheese market)
• Edam (Cheese market)
• Alkmaar (Cheese market)
• Rotterdam (Food market, Delfts Harbour, Kubus woningen)
• Margraten – General Cemetery (WWII)

There is always a possibility to indicate yourself which locations can be visited.

Day price (8 hours)
1 to 4 persons €450,-
5 to 7 persons €490,-

Including: Free coffee and cake.
Excluding: Possible entrance costs.

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Holland Tour Day Trip with driver guide!


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