Specialist for over 25 years

About us

Are you in Holland on holiday, for business or just passing through? Victoria Taxi Tour, formerly known as Holland Hoppin, is here to give you the opportunity to get a closer look at Amsterdam, Holland and Belgium. Get a glimpse in a few hours, or in a day or two, on a special dayrate. Victoria Taxi Tour services range from airport pick ups to city and country tours, or can be simply used as a trusted taxi service whilst you are in the country.

Specialist for
over 25 years

Victoria Taxi Tour is more than 25 years specialist in tours & taxi service for Amsterdam City, Holland and Belgium. Providing personal tours for tourists, companies, seniors and families. We have local knowledge that means that we can tailor our services to meet your needs. We take you to the most beautiful places off the beaten track and to city hotspots. Of course you can experience the local Dutch food and beverages in nice restaurants!

Comfortable electric
full sized car

In a comfortable full sized car with a private guide. Starting at  €50,00 per hour, Victoria Taxi Tour will bring you tot he spot and guide you on your trip to the special places that Holland has to offer. On our way picture stops wil be at your request. No line ups so no wasted time.

Discover the Dutch culture
in an authentic way

Victoria Taxi Tour offers you the culture of the Dutch like no one else will. We will show you the country in an authentic way. Of course we will pick you up at any desired location and take you where ever you want to go to. Contact the concierge at your hotel who will gladly make your reservation. We hope to see you soon and Victoria Taxi Tour wishes you a pleasant stay in The Netherlands.

Specialist for over 25 years

Private Tours & Taxi Service for Holland and Belgium